Problem Solving “Low Radio Ratings”

When you sense that ratings problems are happening, the Lyles Media Group suggests to our clients that they conduct a specific analysis. Format problems are opportunities for improvement, and shouldn’t necessarily be a moment of panic, but rather a moment to troubleshoot for a better Nielsen result.

Solving a ratings problem is all about the listener, because low ratings are a signal that the listeners are not happy. It’s a good time to reevaluate the overall orchestration of your format.

The Format Adjustment Review: 

·         What within the format needs to change?

·         What should be tired that has not been tried?

·         What do we keep?

Through the years, we’ve helped many stations solve their ratings problems by asking detailed questions to get to the root of the problem and follow up with format adjustments- it’s part of radio. From there, we continuously improve the overall “stationality” or image, and position to deliver a product listeners like every day for ratings success and revenue growth.

Low ratings can be avoided when you are open and honest about what’s happening, and not happening. Your new success starts with a conversation and understanding of your vision. We’ll help you tell a better ratings story. It all begins with YOU!

Harry Lyles can reached at: or 770.594.7171