Ratings Issues and Problems Are New Opportunities in 2017

Harry Lyles

Low radio ratings in any size market are often the result of misguided programming. It happens in all formats that do not generate ratings needed for station sales success.

Often, management does not even know or see the issues or problems. They are hidden in the programming work done every day. Consistently low ratings showcase problems that represent where you are right now, and where you could be with either an evolution or a revolution of change. The good news, in 2017 low ratings can create a new opportunity for improvement and success for your station.

The new opportunity starts with a conversation about your vision and meeting your market objective. In the New Year, the Lyles Media Group stands ready to help you increase your ratings and revenue. If it is time to break through the market clutter of today’s competitive radio environment and stick out and score ratings, we are here to help. Say hello @ 7705947171.

Have a Happy and Successful 2017!